WordPress Themes, Custom Graphics and more!

I am curious as to the type of designs you, the community, want for WordPress? I am always interested in input as to what I work on next! Don’t be shy! Tell me what styles you would like to see, and I will take it into consideration when I work!

How has the internet become so fickle. I remember a time when communities were thriving and trucking along. Now it seems as if it’s all just self-serving. I am trying. Seems there may be no hope for it anymore. Oh well, I will keep doing what I do and leave […]

I have submitted, and successfully been approved on my first theme submission to the WordPress theme database! Hopefully this will lead to some business and activity on the site! It was a fun trip, I did not hit it out of the park on my first submission, but I was […]

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  • A plugin that makes DW Themes amazing…

    A must-have plugin to really make our themes sing… “Widget Context.”

    This plugin is crucial to a fully functional WordPress website, in our opinion.

    This plugin allows you to choose where your Widgets are displayed, and allows you to show pages without widgets appearing. Get the plugin, it is amazing!

    Widget Context