WordPress Themes, Custom Graphics and more!

This is my second theme for WordPress, and it is a beauty. I have streamlined a lot of my style into it, and improved upon my WP abilities! Loving it. It seems as most WP sites/builds are focused on usage for like stores/blogs and that is it. Well, what happened […]

Hello! I am just writing to document and inform of the status of the website. I have completed the downloads section, and also completed the weblinks page… Next, I need to work on a banner system. Will probably end up adding more widget areas to the design functions as well. […]

Welcome and thank you for visiting the site! I have decided to switch to WordPress, stick with me as I figure this out!

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  • A plugin that makes DW Themes amazing…

    A must-have plugin to really make our themes sing… “Widget Context.”

    This plugin is crucial to a fully functional WordPress website, in our opinion.

    This plugin allows you to choose where your Widgets are displayed, and allows you to show pages without widgets appearing. Get the plugin, it is amazing!

    Widget Context