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Posted by Michael

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We have a style, and it shows in our WordPress themes! You may have seen one of our designs on the WordPress!

All DesignWicked themes and designs for WordPress are released under the GPL License.

Please visit the THEME UPDATE information page to understand how our updates to designs work.

Paradox – v2.0
Kindrex – v2.1
Cybex – v2.0
Micronix – v2.4
Medieval – v2.1
Iconis – v2.0
Bionix – v2.3
Celestia – v2.1
Cosmos – v2.3
CosmosV2 – v2.2
Grayscale – v2.0
Mekatron – v2.2
Spectre – v2.2
Void – v2.1
Fortnite – v2.0
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